Konecranes technician wipes tools
Customer story

Helping customers during COVID situation


This customer shut down all manufacturing plants in March due to the COVID situation. The customer asked if our service branches and technicians could continue to provide support during this time. Konecranes service personnel have been providing compliance inspections, making safety repairs and completing open projects at 10 plants in the US. This customer has allowed only a small number of vendors to work during the shutdown, Konecranes being one of them. In a few plants, Konecranes was the only authorized vendor because of the commitment by our service technicians and inspectors to adhere to the customer’s safety requirements.



We have a site agreement with this WtE customer in China. We have three standby technicians on site, and normally we need to send additional resources for services. But due to COVID-19, the customer applied a strict policy for the number of people coming to the facility. They were also under pressure for keep production going. Our three technicians stayed on-site, away from home, for more than two months to keep the cranes running.



The customer asked Konecranes service for support on how they could keep their production going without interruptions during the COVID situation. We proposed a plan that included detailed instruction on how daily work should be carried out and what safety precautions would take place. The service technicians that were already working at the facility were permitted to continue the work and a 24/7 stand-by team was put in place. The stand-by team goes through the risk assessment on a daily basis. The factory manager accepted the proposal and was very pleased with Konecranes prompt and professional response in this difficult situation.



This customer has a CARE Preventive/Predictive Maintenance Program for nine locations across North America and Mexico. At their main plant in the U.S. they have recently added two brand-new Konecranes assets to their 23-crane fleet. In just a week, this location had two maintenance personnel resign. The customer is identified as an essential business and needed to continue to run production. The customer decided to take advantage of utilizing Konecranes field operatives to care of the fleet of cranes at the main location, including the brand new Konecranes equipment in order to properly protect their investment.



This customer is a major supplier for the automobile industry in China and they resumed production in March. In mid-March, there was a breakdown of their critical 10-ton crane. Due to quarantine requirements, we could not go to the site directly, but our technicians supported the customer through WeChat and phone calls to provide a temporary solution to lower the loads and resume production in a short time. Our salespeople then worked with the customer to have them send us orders quickly for the spare parts and planned repairs that followed. The crane was repaired and back to normal operation by the beginning of April, saving time and money for the customer.