Workshop cranes

Konecranes CXT crane

Designed to increase the productivity

Workshop cranes play crucial role in a modern pulp and paper plant, where it supports the main processes in both the mechanical workshop and the roll grinding workshop, as well as parts storage, loading and unloading materials and workstation management.

A jib crane with a Konecranes C-series hoist is a versatile piece of lifting equipment. It supports overhead cranes on production lines and keeps workstations running. Konecranes jib cranes are suitable for almost any kind of workstation, supports overhead cranes on production lines, storage areas and loading bays.

The CXT crane is an overhead crane designed and manufactured to satisfy common industrial load handling requirements safely and reliably. CXT is known for its efficient use of space under the crane and its excellent hook approaches. With all the key mechanical components are designed especially for crane usage, manufactured, and assembled in-house by crane experts, the CXT is a top performer.

Depending on your facility, a jib crane with a Konecranes C-series hoist or a CXT crane are two options that are ideal for many workshop environments.

The warehouse crane works as anticipated – it’s reliable and very quick. With the Konecranes maintenance contract, we expect to be using this equipment a very long time indeed. In our business, the target is 20 years of trouble-free operation. We know from experience that this is a realistic goal.


Timo Salo, Project Manager, Metsä Board

Workshop crane option for paper


Nothing but essential features to make your daily work easier

  • Manual, semi-automatic options
  • Optional Smart Features
  • Advanced crane controls systems
  • Self-adjusting brakes with minimal maintenance effort
  • Simple design for easy installation
  • Slipping clutch
  • Durable limit switches
  • Ergonomic pendant and handy, lightweight hook
  • High-quality core of lifting components, such as motors and precision gears
  • Long-lasting, easy-access components
  • Variable speeds
Konecranes jib crane


The Konecranes cranes benefits have been drawn upon from paper and forest industry conditions that are the daily reality in paper plants around the world and brought in as a proven technology in our cranes.

  • Flexibility with Manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic modes.
  • Increased floor space usage with compact design
  • Simplify and minimize maintenance costs
  • Quiet and smooth operation for ultimate operator comfort
  • Smartly built with the toughness, precision, and reliability of components designed for many operations
  • Fast and simple installation, with easy access to all wearing components
  • Comprehensive, systematic, and world-class product maintenance
  • Recognized for high quality and trusted customer service globally
  • Smooth travel and variable speeds.
  • Overload protection system
  • Design based on total cost of ownership

From your needs to daily use

Konecranes sets the benchmark for lifting equipment in paper manufacturing. Our workshop cranes are flexible, multifunctional tools designed specifically for a factory environment. Working closely with machine builders, pulp-and-paper experts and engineering companies, we provide you with high-quality cranes and lifting systems built to perform and last.

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