Rope hoist cranes

Efficiency and intelligence at work

Konecranes rope hoist cranes are ideal in nearly any industrial setting. Available in every form from basic standard cranes to high-tech advanced lifting, their adaptability is one of their greatest strengths. Based on our knowledge and experience of lifting needs, we have several options to fit a wide variety of applications and environments.

Rope hoist cranes product range

Konecranes S-series overhead crane

Synthetic Rope Overhead Crane

The S-series crane is a bold and innovative approach in lifting with never-before-seen features including a newly designed hoist structure,…
Konecranes CXT overhead cranes

Wire Rope Overhead Cranes

With a wide range of girder configurations to choose from and 10,000 hoists sold around the world every year, the CXT overhead crane is an…

Predefined crane package: CXT Neo Overhead Crane

The CXT NEO is a special version of our renowned CXT crane. The NEO is both powerful and agile. Its ergonomic design and intuitive radio…

Predefined crane package: CXT Uno Overhead Crane

CXT UNO is an economical, high-quality Konecranes product designed for safe, dependable performance every day. We selected the essential…


Konecranes CXT Cranes

CXT Crane Technical video