Rope hoist cranes

Efficiency and intelligence at work

Konecranes rope hoist cranes are ideal in nearly any industrial setting. Available in every form from basic standard cranes to high-tech advanced lifting, their adaptability is one of their greatest strengths. Based on our knowledge and experience of lifting needs, we have several options to fit a wide variety of applications and environments.

Rope hoist cranes product range

Konecranes S-series overhead crane

Synthetic Rope Overhead Crane

The S-series crane is a bold and innovative approach in lifting with never-before-seen features including a newly designed hoist structure, synthetic rope and Rope Angle Features. These design updates improve safety and productivity, enabling better usability and less maintenance.

Konecranes CXT overhead cranes

Wire Rope Overhead Cranes

With a wide range of girder configurations to choose from and 10,000 hoists sold around the world every year, the CXT overhead crane is an industry leader in medium-heavy indoor lifting equipment.

Predefined crane package: CXT Neo Overhead Crane

The CXT NEO is a special version of our renowned CXT crane. The NEO is both powerful and agile. Its ergonomic design and intuitive radio control streamline operations. Stepless hoisting and travelling movements provide efficiency and accuracy for load handling, and the TRUCONNECT Remote Service helps you to keep your operations running smoothly.

Predefined crane package: CXT Uno Overhead Crane

CXT UNO is an economical, high-quality Konecranes product designed for safe, dependable performance every day. We selected the essential features and core components based on our experience and focused on their role in our robust, proven technology.


Konecranes CXT Cranes

CXT Crane Technical video