CLX & SLX Electric Chain Hoists

Tough hoists for everyday lightweight lifting


    Konecranes CLX & SLX electric chain hoists are designed to help operators improve the efficiency of their daily work by giving them assistance in lifting lighter loads that are too heavy to move by hand. Both hoists have the flexibility to be used in many different industries and applications.

    At the heart of each hoist are the Konecranes Core of Lifting components, giving the SLX a capacity of up to 2,500 kg with a stepless inverter, while the CLX can double the load, raising up to 5,000 kg with 2-speed controls. They combine ergonomics, durability and reliability at the most demanding workstations.

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product features

Konecranes CLX and SLX chain hoists offer a wide range of features and options:
•    High-quality Core of Lifting components, including precision gears and motors
•    Robust aluminium frame
•    Ergonomic pendant and hook block
•    High duty class
•    Thermal protection and fan ventilation as standard
•    IP55 protection against dust and water moisture as standard
•    Choice of lifting speeds
•    Safety features: hoist limit switch, securing brake, hook block
•    Patented chain drive


Konecranes CLX and SLX hoists have the following benefits for operators and facilities:
•    Improves operator safety and usability
•    Enables faster work cycles for better efficiency and performance
•    Speeds up production processes
•    Less stress on the chain
•    Accuracy and easy positioning
•    Fast and simple installation
•    Comprehensive, systematic and world-class product maintenance

Consult our Crane Advisor for CLX and SLX electric chain hoists

Crane Advisor is an online tool that offers recommendations based on your specific lifting-application needs. Visit Crane Advisor to know more details about CLX and SLX chain hoists.

MAN Service Group operations

Customer Case - MAN

MAN Service Group is Europe's leading commercial vehicle, engine, and mechanical engineering companies. MAN Nederland Dealer’s truck repair shop set up a new facility and chose two Konecranes Chain Hoist Cranes:

We noticed that a single crane was not enough, so we decided to separate the maintenance functions and invest in two cranes.
Arjan Wijkamp, Plant Manager of MAN Nederland Dealer

Suitable for any type of lifting

The Konecranes CLX and SLX chain hoists provide lightweight industrial lifting for any production facility. They are just two examples of the wide range of lifting equipment we offer, backed up by the most extensive service network in the industry. Global yet local, we have more than 600 locations in nearly 50 countries.

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