Four-girder charging cranes

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We know steel-making process

A charging crane is critical in steel production. To make steel, a charging crane feeds an electric arc furnace (EOF) in the charging bay and should be able to deliver hot metal to the turret station of a continuous casting machine (CCM) or the ladle furnace (LF). This is a heavy-duty, continuous operation. The same crane can be a backup for the ladle crane if needed. Charging cranes are sometimes called teeming cranes.

A Konecranes charging cranes is well-protected from the flames and radiated heat of the furnace, as well as the brief, intense heat of the charge itself. Since the load is molten steel, safety and reliability are absolutely essential. Our charging cranes usually have four girders supporting a single double trolley or can be tailored as required, with a lifting capacity up to 500 tons.  

Customer Story - Raahe steel works, Finland

“When you have people with experience from a similar project, you don’t need to explain the process to them. They know already.”

Esa Prokkola, Project Manager, Raahe Rautaruukki Corporation

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We understand the harsh environment of the steel-making process, so we engineer our lifting and control equipment to endure naked flame, dust, and high heat.

  • Auxiliary trolley or auxiliary machinery for load tilt in multiple directions
  • Electrical room pressurized and air-conditioned
  • Transformer room for high-voltage electrical supply
  • Motion limiters & automation of repetitive movements
  • Redundancy in all critical systems
  • Smart features
  • Hoist synchronization
  • Heat shielding for control locations, critical electrical devices, and cables
  • Back up brakes in main trolley
  • Regenerative braking
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Every konecranes hot metal crane is designed specifically for the unique challenges of this environment

  • More efficient and safe operations with Redundancy in all critical systems
  • Heat shields protect the crane from radiated heat.
  • Hoist synchronisation helps in precise and fast load handling
  • Easy maintenance as motors and the differential gear reducer are in the middle.
  • Minimized error and improved efficiency with motion limiters & automation of repetitive movements.
  • Energy savings due to Regenerative braking.
  • Simplified and minimized maintenance costs.
  • Reliable operation in harsh environmental conditions.
  • Remote service capability for fast problem solving and advance information for maintenance planning.

Technical Specifications

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Perfection in motion

Konecranes works together as a partner with our customers based on a mutual understanding of steel production processes.  Our goal is to be a dependable solution provider and support our customers in meeting their production demands while making our cranes easier and safer to use with a high reliability and ease of maintenance, as our customers have come to expect.

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