Hydro power cranes

Hydro power plants use dams to produce hydroelectricity by impounding a reservoir of water and then releasing it through one or more water turbines. The turbines are connected to generators that generate electricity from the energy provided by the difference in the water level upstream and downstream.

We offer hydro power station cranes with lifting capabilities up to 1000 tons and down to 1 to 80 tons for maintenance and workshop use.

Spillway gate gantry crane

An upper spillway gate crane lifts gates and in some applications also cleans debris in front of the gate. It also serves as a maintenance crane for equipment on the dam.

Turbine hall crane

The turbine bridge crane is used to mount the turbine and other powerhouse equipment and is also used for maintenance.

Spillway gate gantry crane

The lower spillway gate crane lifts gates.

Other applications include:

  • Draft tube gantry crane
  • Maintenance shop hoists and jibs
  • Maintenance hoists
  • Intake gate gantry crane
  • Wind mill hoist