Automated container transport for performance-orientated terminals

Konecranes Gottwald automated guided vehicles (AGVs) are unmanned, software-controlled container transporters which provide an efficient link between the harbor quay and the stackyard in large container terminals.


About 25 years ago, we introduced Konecranes Gottwald AGV technology to the market and we have been continuously developing it ever since. With a constant focus on improving electrical drive power, simplifying construction and reducing vehicle weight while providing higher load capacities, TPS is committed in developing AGVs that meet our customers’ demands for low fuel consumption, high cost-effectiveness and environmentally friendly operation.

AGV fleets from Konecranes are in everyday use by well-known terminal operators. Many of the more than 650 vehicles sold to date have already been in operation for more than 20 years and, in some cases, have completed up to 70,000 operating hours. Solid evidence for the reliability of our AGVs.