Cask transporters

Safe and controlled fuel movement

Spent fuel from a nuclear power reactor emits high levels of both radiation and heat, and so is stored in water pools adjacent to the reactor to allow the initial heat and radiation levels to decrease. Typically, used fuel is stored onsite for at least five months before it can be transported, although it may be stored there long-term. 
Konecranes spent fuel nuclear cask transporters are designed to handle most nuclear dry storage casks safely and efficiently. We provide high level of safety with load drop protection, ergonomic controls to simplify operation, small turning radius with full rotational capability for efficient transportation and easy installation. Our transporters are available in both rubber tire and track-driven designs capable of handling up to 350 tons. 

Features and Benefits


  • Load drop protection system
  • Fail-safe operator controls
  • safety catching device integrated with the lifting system
  • User monitoring system
  • Heavy-duty hydraulic motors 
  • Overload protection system
  • On-board diagnostics
  • Rubber tire propulsion design, with aircraft quality tires


  • Flexible operation for different environment
  • Precise positioning and steering capability even in tight spaces
  • Adjustable lifting beam for various cask configurations
  • Precision movement of lift tower with guide rollers 
  • Load drop protection
  • Driving precision with high torque at zero speed 
  • Unique design prevents roadway and haul path damage
  • Simplified and minimized maintenance costs with Modular design
  • Due to failsafe design load can be hold in case of any failure such as power loss
  • Foam filled aircraft type tires cannot go flat

Strength of experience

At Konecranes, we supply proven, well-engineered technologies. Our customers benefit from more than 50 years' experience in the nuclear industry.
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