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Automatic and Reliable

A sludge handling crane moves the semi-fluid sludge from storage bunkers to a storage area, and onwards to a process line. Composed of semisolids left over from energy production and industrial wastewater, sludge is typically sticky with a high viscosity, and dangerous to both humans and the environment.

A Konecranes sludge handling crane is designed to operate with maximum safety and minimal downtime in the harsh operating environment of a sludge handling station. Versatile, reliable and fully automated, it is a compact and durable piece of machinery with a lifting capacity of 4 to 17 tons with typical spans from 10 to 16 meters.

Customer Story - Tersa, Spain

The new cranes enhance safety in ways that are important for the process. 

Francisco Jose Rosa, Operation manager, Tersa

Factors to consider

Below factors can be considered before buying a Sludge handling crane

  • How many tons of sludge being processed?
  • Layout of the storage bunkers
  • Density of sludge
  • Daily truck delivery
  • Time to receive and process the sludge

To be able to quickly adapt in fast changing environment, Konecranes waste-to-energy industry consulting solution can help simplify and guide complex decision making. We help accelerate building an at-scale Waste to Energy facility and take advantage of economies of scale.


Open grab sludge


Industry and process know-how helps us determine best suited features for application

  • Fully automated, operator-free system
  • Centralized lubrication system
  • Dual scoop grab for handling highly viscous liquid
  • Regenerative braking
  • Advanced crane controls systems
  • Designed for continuous operation
  • 2/2 rope reeving
  • Compact design
  • Sway Control (as standard) and other Smart Feature options


Konecranes sludge handling crane


Our goal is to keep your processes running safely and efficiently for decades to come

  • More efficient and safe operations with enhanced performance due to full automation
  • Increased floor space usage with compact design
  • Sway Control comes standard and other smart features can be added for safer, faster load handling and more precise positioning
  • Energy savings due to Regenerative braking.
  • Simplify and minimize maintenance costs
  • High rope life
  • Accurate positioning of grab

Technical Specifications

Sludge handling crane tech specs


Lift your productivity

By choosing Konecranes, you can apply our extensive knowledge to improve your productivity by lifting sludge and bringing it to process safely and efficiently. As you build your waste management business, trust that we have the experience to meet the unique challenges of your crane applications, with loads as varied as the companies that lift them.

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