Plate loading cranes

These cranes are used in the export harbours of steel mills to load steel plates, billets and coils onto ocean-going vessels. Konecranes plate loading cranes are high-performance cranes that can be equipped with a variety of lifting devices.

Plate loading crane features

  • Boom hoisting for safer ship operations.
  • Extended reach for wide ships.
  • The unique rope arrangement helps prevent sway and unwanted slewing.
  • The crane has stable and accurate slewing motion.
  • The back pylon and back stay provide greater main girder stiffness.
  • A remote connection to the Crane Management System comes via GPRS or WLAN.
  • The mechanical anti-snag protection is reliable and maintenance-free.
  • The extended back reach provides flexible transportation to shore.
  • An optimised overall weight helps reduce energy and civil engineering costs.
  • A wide leg opening is used for unloading without slewing in each cycle.