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Konecranes Gottwald Mobile Harbor Cranes often work in confined spaces in conjunction with other port equipment when handling a wide variety of cargo. This results in multifaceted challenges in terms of safety, ergonomics and productivity. Our innovative smart crane features support numerous work steps.

These include:

  • Automatic crane propping
  • Reliable load control
  • Automated execution of repetitive motions

We use the interaction of various smart technologies:

  • Instruments, sensors and camera technology
  • Control systems that provide information about handling processes
  • Digital interconnectivity and bi-directional access to the cranes by the Service department if required

Container Handling

Container Handling

Konecranes is a leading provider of cargo-handling solutions for container terminals. In addition to highperformance equipment, innovative functions ensure a safe and smooth flow of goods and thus greater productivity.

Container functions

  • Load antisway
  • Lifting height and working radius limitations
  • Landside lowering function

These features ensure:

  • Easy steering and control of the spreader
  • Safe working in combination with other equipment
  • Avoidance of damage to infrastructure or other systems in the port or terminal and reduction of noise emissions

General cargo handling

General cargo handling

The wide range of general cargo and the handling of heavy or bulky project cargo place different demands on mobile harbor cranes. We have developed many special smart crane features for these applications.

General cargo functions

  • Vertical lifting assistant
  • XY control
  • Tandem-lift assistant

These features ensure:

  • Easy steering and control of heavy loads
  • Easy guiding of loads, especially when using a remote control system
  • Efficient handling of heavy loads with two cranes in tandem operation

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Bulk handling

Bulk handling

Konecranes Gottwald Mobile Harbor Cranes in the four-rope grab variant are designed for highperformance continuous operation in bulk handling. Smart crane features developed specifically for this application increase safety, ergonomics and productivity.

Bulk handling functions

  • Self-learning grab filling level check
  • Counter display for individual loading hatches
  • Verifiable weighing system

These features ensure:

  • High-speed handling performance due to best possible filling of the grab with each cycle
  • Easy monitoring of the unloading schedule
  • Efficient handling of high-value

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