Equipment's for Petroleum and Gas Industry

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Electric Overhead Traveling (EOT) Coker Cranes

Our bridge crane features an independent travelling cab for improved operator visibility, with a wide span layout. Learn more
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Single Gantry Coker Cranes

Our single leg gantry (SLG) crane configuration gives you a hopper-side runway rail at the grade level, saving the cost of an elevated…
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Hazardous environment cranes and hoists

Our hazardous environment cranes and hoists are optimized for specific and often unique lifting requirements in explosive atmospheres. All…

Expertise for Petroleum and Gas Industry

Coker Crane Automation

Petrochemical plants running coker operations are fertile ground for crane automation. While full automation is still on the horizon at most plants, the semi-automated coker cranes built by Konecranes come standard with a PLC, modern D2 inverter controls and signal cables– virtually everything needed to convert to full automation (or remote operation) in the future.

Smart Features

The efficiency of your operation depends on your operators to be able to pack full buckets quickly. Our cranes can be equipped with Smart Features to shorten load cycles and minimise spillage.

Services for Petroleum and Gas Industry

Crane remote monitoring with TRUCONNECT for a besser crane service

TRUCONNECT Remote Service

Get connected to your crane

TRUCONNECT® is a suite of remote service products and applications to support maintenance operations and drive improvements in safety and…
Spare Parts

Spare Parts

When you install new components, your crane becomes safer and more reliable. We are able to supply the parts you need, regardless of the…
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Consultation Services

Konecranes uses leading technology and trained specialists to offer a variety of Consultation Services that take a deeper look at your…

Customer Reference Stories

Marathon Petroleum

Marathon Petroleum is the Nation’s fourth largest refiner of transportation fuels.