Streamline your production processes

Designed to increase the productivity of assembly lines

Productivity and efficiency are key to the operations of any modern production plant. Agilon
optimizes production lines as it occupies little space and internal logistics function smoothly. The
time-to-completion – from assembly to the order dispatch – will become shorter.

More efficient production processes and less internal logistics

Agilon handles order picking, registers every transaction and ensures that the production warehouse
contains the required quantities of products for all work phases. The system displays the work
queue and brings the required parts and tools to users quickly via a transportation tube.

The transportation tube connects several modular shelf systems, even if they are located
on different floors. Incoming items can be received directly by the Agilon system and data will be
transferred to the enterprise resource planning system. Finished products are transferred inside the
Agilon entity directly to the dispatch department.

Tracked and traced quality management

Every transaction completed by Agilon is entirely traceable as every item entered into or removed
from the system is user, time, and date stamped. Every item is also backed up with a digital photograph
from the latest retrieval or replacement to the system.

The data generated by the Agilon system provides opportunities for developing quality,
procurement and operating methods more diversely than was previously possible.

Customer story

Agilon boosts sales, warehousing and production

Automated warehouse Agilon frees up space, saves time, makes inventory easier and improves customer service at EC Electro Center Oy in Tampere, Finland

Customer story

Vahterus speeds up operations with Agilon

The extended Konecranes Agilon® material handling system serves the needs of Vahterus Ltd.’s production even better.

Customer story

“There is no going back.”

The Agilon automated warehouse system simplified and rationalized material management at Agronic Oy.

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