Maintenance, Repair, and Operations Warehouse Keeping track of every transaction

Cost savings and increased productivity with an intelligent MRO warehouse

Agilon makes sure that the supplies in the warehouse are available, tracks the usage of materials critical for production, and monitors their consumption in real-time. The system helps in getting the right quantity of the right material to the person at the right time.

Agilon enables easier overall materials management and more efficient and effective MRO operations that can significantly increase productivity and improve asset performance, as well as reduce overall material costs and equipment downtime.

Fully traceable and monitored transactions reduce consumption

An Agilon user simply logs in with a pin password or fingerprint recognition to collect the items from the Agilon access point. Every transaction is entirely traceable as every item entered into or removed from the system is user, time, and date stamped. You can monitor the consumption by job number, department, and user.


No more inventory-taking – you save time and money


Agilon enables continuous inventory-taking and 24/7 access to real-time inventory information – any time, any place, and with any device with an internet connection. You can also see and download inventory reports whenever needed. This means MRO warehouse balance levels remain up-to-date and seasonal inventory-taking can be eliminated.

Lower purchasing costs and easier procurement processes

Agilon makes the procurement process easier. The system automatically sends email reminders to the purchaser or orders directly to suppliers when the stock level meets the reorder point. By automating the order process with reorder points and supplier integrations, purchasing costs can be lowered significantly.

Customer story

Finnair relies on Agilon warehouse automation in its Maintenance Repair Operations warehouse

Warehouse automation brings full 100% traceability of tools and saves time.

Customer Story

Agilon improves everyday operations at Europe's largest gold mine Agnico Eagle in Finnish Lapland

Europe’s biggest operating gold mine Agnico Eagle Finland Oy is located in the little town of Kittilä, high up above the Arctic Circle in Finnish Lapland.  At a challenging depth of 350 meters underground, Konecranes’ Agilon is used to improve everyday operations and sustainability.

Customer story

Stora Enso is boosting the efficiency of its operations with a Konecranes Agilon

Stora Enso's pulp and paper mills are boosting the efficiency and safety of its operations with Konecranes Agilon® material management systems at the company's five largest sites in Finland. 

Customer Story

Agilon enables easy monitoring and uninterrupted availability of small parts in SSAB Europe Oy, Raahe plant

The SSAB Europe Raahe plant workshop sought to solve everyday problems experienced by many companies involved in manufacturing or repairs. Agilon was implemented to ensure monitoring and availability of small parts.

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