CXT Explorer

A flexible, mobile solution

The Konecranes CXT Explorer is a portable, strong and affordable solution for all kinds of lifting. Its simple yet innovative design allows you to use it both indoors or outdoors, so you can easily take it anywhere you need to lift up to 6.3 tons.

To make the Explorer, we mounted our popular CXT electric overhead crane on a tough steel structure atop a base made from two standard ISO shipping containers. This arrangement enables a sturdy foundation for lifting, giving you a powerful and adaptable movable crane.

Everything you need where you need it

With a lifting height of 5 meters and a span of 5 meters, you have room to work efficiently. It can be assembled, ready to lift, in just a few hours. When you're ready to leave, just pack up: the shipping containers double as storage for the crane components, service tools, equipment, and spare parts.

Compact in size, the CXT Explorer easily adapts to different environments, so you can take it almost anywhere, including places with little or no infrastructure available. It includes thermal and weather protection for extreme climates and demanding terrains. The shipping containers allow easy transport. Use a generator to power the crane if there is no electricity.

In the CXT Explorer, you have a full-blown mobile maintenance workshop ready to go.

Safety on the move

The industrial crane design of the Explorer makes it safer than a typical mobile crane because the lifting movements are true directions. This means it's more stable, increasing the safety of operators and lowering the risk of damage or collision.

Its components have all been designed by experts in-house specifically for cranes, so the performance can be optimized and the crane needs less repairs and maintenance. But when service is required, Konecranes offers 24/7 on-call maintenance and quick spare parts delivery to help you get your crane up and running again as fast as possible.

Contact Raine Jussila to learn more about how the CXT Explorer mobile crane suits your maintenance and lifting needs.