CXT Wire Rope Hoist Cranes

Flexible for your needs

The Konecranes range of CXT wire rope hoist cranes are ideal in nearly any industrial setting where you need a lifting capacity of up to 80 tons. Available in every form from basic standard cranes to high-tech advanced lifting, its adaptability is one of its greatest strengths.

Efficiency and intelligence at work

The CXT is known for its efficient use of space under the crane and its excellent hook approaches. In addition, our Smart Features such as Sway Control and Target Positioning make operating the crane easy. Because all the key mechanical components are designed especially for crane usage, manufactured and assembled in-house by crane experts, the CXT is a top performer.

Safety is improved through high-performance brakes, durable wire ropes and remote operation. Adaptive speed range means that loads move at an optimal rate, enhancing control over your load and improving productivity, yet still saving energy.

Whatever field you're in, this robust, all-purpose crane is ideal. The CXT is the industry leader in medium-heavy lifting indoor cranes and is a firm favourite around the world: over 10,000 CXT hoists sold every year indicate its reliability, efficiency and value.

We also make an EXCXT crane for hazardous environments.

Contact Konecranes today to learn more about how our CXT range of wire rope hoist cranes suit your lifting needs.