Konecranes controls

The controls on a crane provide the user interface for lifting operations and connect the crane with its operating environment, creating a safer and more efficient material flow.

Konecranes controls are specially designed for lifting applications. An ergonomic user interface, secure connectivity to surrounding machines and Smart Features ensure safe and efficient load handling. Remote connectivity has enabled more efficient monitoring and maintenance services. It has also provided an extensive collection of data on the real-world use of cranes, providing the world’s largest database of industry-leading knowledge to further optimize operational efficiency for specific applications and business needs.

Together, the gearbox, motor and control system are what we call the Core of Lifting.

Benefits of Konecranes controls

remote operation station

Konecranes equipment is known for its outstanding safety, reliability and ease of use. Cutting-edge technology provides smooth operation, optimized material flow and fact-based maintenance decisions with full transparency for everyone involved.

How is this possible?

  • For manual operation, there are four human-machine interface options: pendant/radio controller, cabin, Remote Operating Station or separate control room.

  • On value class cranes, the operator controls the crane with classic push buttons. For continuous operation, joysticks are available. An additional full graphic display offers a wide selection of visibility and supporting tools for operation and maintenance.

  • Smart Features use highly advanced software to reduce load sway, prevent slack ropes, put the crane in predefined positions, avoid restricted areas, center an empty hook over the load, synchronize with other machinery for more complex lifting tasks, and otherwise improve efficiency and safety.

  • Konecranes control systems are ready for connected functionality, and can be tailored to work together with other devices or be made fully automated.

  • However, if you prefer to operate your crane, Konecranes controls are ergonomically designed for comfort and simplicity. We take a user-centric approach, so the design is based on an explicit understanding of users, crane tasks and operating environments.

Why choose Konecranes controls?

  • With intuitive, easy-to-use controls carefully engineered and integrated into your crane, the mechanics, software and electronics have been designed to work in unison to make your load handling safer and simpler. Your operators have full control over the load at all times, and your material flow can be optimized.

  • Software controls and monitors the physical movements of the crane, and also provides assistance and information to users. Our extensive industry knowledge and engineering acumen allow us to design, customize and provide support according to your needs, as your needs evolve over time.

  • Before every delivery, we extensively test the control systems in the real operating environment. All crane controls go through a full Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) before delivery.

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Stay ahead

You can choose the level of automation for your specific needs. A basic crane is easy to use, but with Smart Features, you can achieve safer and more efficient load handling, shorter and faster work cycles, and a longer crane lifetime. We can also help you to automate your processes and integrate the crane into your material flow. 

For a better knowledge of how your cranes operate, maintenance and future options, Konecranes TRUCONNECT® Remote Monitoring collects data and offers insights into the usage of your cranes via our customer portal. With this information and our service, you can optimize your operations, minimize the cost of ownership and plan ways to improve safety and productivity.

With safe and reliable Konecranes controls, you can maximize the benefits of our Core of Lifting components and have the confidence to stay ahead as digitalization transforms your business environment.

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