SMARTON® open winch crane

Compact, tough, and designed for heavy lifting

The Konecranes SMARTON is a compact open winch electric overhead crane and it was developed specifically for assembly and maintenance use, where accurate and smooth movements are required. It uses new developments in mechanical and electrical engineering combined with the latest in automation. It is perfect for putting things together, moving heavy yet fragile objects, or performing maintenance. Each SMARTON is specially configured for its particular operating conditions, giving you a tough, easily adaptable crane for your lifting needs.

A powerful piece of equipment, this crane can lift anything from 6.3 tons to 250 tons with one trolley and up to 500 tons with two trolleys. Duty classes range from M3 to M8 (CMAA Class A-F). But the real strength of the crane lies in its lifting intelligence.

Bringing a whole new dimension to lifting

The trolley of SMARTON crane is compact due to clever design. The integrated structure minimizes approach dimensions, allows low headroom and helps to save space.
Rope reeving provides a true vertical lift with two separate ropes and tilted rope sheaves resulting a longer lifetime.

Save both money and the environment with the SMARTON crane. Not only are its special drives energy-efficient, but also an energy feedback system is available. Braking energy is fed back into the power grid, reducing energy consumption and costs by up to one third.

A smarter crane where it matters

The SMARTON open winch crane is designed for efficient and safe operation without compromise. The crane is equipped with an extensive range of advanced technology designed to improve safety and productivity. Our Smart Features give you total control over material handling helping improve operator safety and reduce load cycle times.

Safety and ergonomics are built right into the controls of the SMARTON crane. Radio controllers, computer tablets, the Remote Operating Station and the Crane Management System are all designed to help you control and monitor your crane. Remote monitoring and our online customer portal let you connect with your crane providing insights that allow you to optimize processes and maintenance activities.

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