SM open winch crane

Toughness in a small package

The Konecranes SM crane is a compact, high lifting capacity crane for precise and accurate lifting up to 1,000 tons. The small size of the crane makes it ideal for large and heavy loads in sometimes cramped and hard to access production spaces.

This unique combination of lifting power and compact design makes SM crane versatile across all kinds of industrial applications. It can fit into confined spaces that are dangerous or difficult to reach, making it well suited for many industries, but especially for the power industry, where a high level of accuracy and reliability is crucial.

Optimized working area and ease of use

The extremely compact design of the SM trolley leads to minimized approach dimensions and headroom requirements. Compared to other trolley types, the SM crane gives you a reduction in the structural requirements of rails, runway beams and columns, and in the overall height of the building. Compact design and economy of space can give you streamlined production areas, smaller buildings, and bigger cost savings.

By closely following the latest advances in industrial machinery handling processes, the SM crane has been designed to make the operator’s work easier. Crane speed control is more precise, and the work area has been optimized. Improved load positioning and accuracy with inverter control makes the crane easier to operate. Ergonomics and comfort have also improved significantly.

Combining heavy lifting, safety and precision

To increase safety and precision when lifting heavy loads, SM crane trolleys are constructed with a four-wheel or six-wheel bogie system and true vertical lift to evenly distribute the load along the crane girders. In addition, the totally enclosed hoist gearing increases safety, and the unique trolley frame structure and no reverse bends minimizes internal stress and rope wear. There is also less stress on buildings thanks to durable and lightweight structure. SM cranes are also easy to maintain. Each key component is easy to access, and ropes can be easily adjusted and replaced due to accessible rope dead ends.

These cranes are designed to lift valuable equipment that must be treated with great care. All the core components of the SM crane, including its gears, motors and controls, are made in-house. They are designed specifically to withstand the mechanical stresses of crane use, and integrate seamlessly with each other for smooth crane movement and control.