Straw bale handling cranes

Maximize process performance

A straw bale handling crane is designed to handle bales of hay at a power plant that uses straw as a fuel source. These cranes unload the bales from delivery trucks, move them into storage, and feed them into processing. Bales are usually rectangular and relatively dry, which makes them easier to handle. You should choose a straw bale crane based on the annual volume of straw pellets you intend to produce, the layout of the plant, your bale storage capacity and frequency of bale delivery.

A Konecranes straw bale handling crane can clamp up to 12 bales of hay at a time, using microwave sensors for moisture measurement and control to help you determine if the bales are acceptable for combustion. It can be fully automated, or you can operate it manually from a central control room. The crane has a lifting capacity of 15 to 20 tons with a span of 16 to 21 meters and a typical lifting height up to 8.5 metres.

Customer Case - Riikinvoima Oy, Finland

“Feedback for the konecranes cranes has been positive. Automatic functions and tools have been useful. The plant utilization rate has been very high during the first heating season and not a single malfunction has occured.” 

Juha Rasanen, Managing Director, Riikinvoima Oy, Finland

Factors to consider

Below factors can be considered before buying a straw bale handling crane

  • How many tonnes of scheduled annual production of pellets
  • Moisture content
  • Layout of plant
  • Bale Storage capacity
  • Daily truck delivery
  • Feeding requirements to the conveyor
  • Conveyor location
  • Truck alley location

To be able to quickly adapt in fast changing environment, Konecranes waste-to-energy consulting solution can help simplify and guide complex decision making. We help accelerate building an at-scale facility and take advantage of economies of scale.


Our field-proven designs are constantly updated with the latest lifting technology to provide devices that are perfect fit for the various tasks of your plant

  • Fully automated, operator-free system
  • Microwave sensors
  • Four-point moisture scale
  • WLAN connection
  • Mechanical sway control
  • Surface hardened wheels with adjustable alignment
  • Frequency-inverter controlled drives
  • Regenerative braking
  • Advanced crane control systems
  • Designed for continuous operation
  • Guide rollers and lasers
  • Load-dependent lifting speeds
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Konecranes has over 50 years of experience in waste handling resulting in knowing customer needs

  • More efficient and safe operations with enhanced performance due to full automation.
  • Advanced sensor system to detect moisture content.
  • Accurate positioning with guide rollers and lasers
  • Efficient load handling and storage with help of WLAN communication between bale yoke and conveyors.
  • Moisture control with microwave sensors.
  • Smooth travel as surface hardened wheels have adjustable alignment
  • Load-dependent lifting speeds saves time and energy
  • Efficient lifting motions for reduced cycle times.
  • Simplify and minimize maintenance costs

Technical specifications

Strawbale handling tech specs


Evolved and enhanced

Konecranes waste-to-energy equipment uses the latest in lifting technology to help you move your loads safely and efficiently in any working environment. Our long history has given us the experience and know-how to provide the right crane for your facility, backed up with local branches of a global service network to give you the confidence that spare parts and technical assistance are always close.

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