Juha Anttila, Director, Portfolio Management Office, IT

“What really motivates me is that working in a large and global company you can learn new things every day.”



My work is heading this Portfolio Management Office in IT. And basically, we are discussing with business that what are the requirements they would like to get. And then we start to prioritize and think and challenge a bit that do we really need this and what are the main points. And based on that description then we start to evaluate and modify the requirements and give the work for our IT specialist. Together with business, of course.

My background is… basically we can split it to three areas. So first, I started in Konecranes in manufacturing and production, running factories and making development work. That was very interesting part because I learned a lot about how do we make products and how do we sell those, and that kind of things. And then the next portion was that I was able to join to service business, running one business unit in service. And it was very interesting. Meeting more customers, trying to sell services, which is - I would say - totally different from equipment sales. And then, after that, it was a bit like luck, I would say luck, yeah, I jumped into IT, and I was asked to run these SAP implementation projects in Konecranes. And that was like a totally new area, so I knew nothing about IT. But then I thought that “hey that's one project among the other ones, so why not start and try”. And actually, we were very successful in SAP implementations and it was a very good experience. And then, after that, I joined to this PMO work, because we had a very large acquisition. And during that acquisition we created a new organization in IT, and we created this PMO. And that's why I'm here now.

What really motivates me is that working in a large and global company you can learn new things every day. I think this is the most important: learning and being able to try something new every now and then. That motivates. Of course, a big company gives opportunities to have new career opportunities. That's a nice thing. And, of course, when you are working in a team: good teammates. To have good spirit. That's something that's very important. It motivates a lot.

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