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Cask handling cranes

Konecranes is a leader and global supplier of nuclear cask handling cranes for dry cask storage. These specialized cranes utilize multiple redundant single failure proof features to safely and efficiently move nuclear spent fuel. Additional features include integrated cask grapple system, infinitely variable speed controls, fail-safe operator controls to improve precision in your operation, safety and reliability.

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Cask Transporters

The latest generation of Konecranes spent fuel nuclear cask transporters are designed to safely and efficiently handle most nuclear dry storage casks. To provide you with a high level of safety, load drop protection is standard, and the ergonomic controls simplify operation. Our transporters are available in both rubber tire and track-driven designs capable of handling up to 350 tons and have joystick controls that are placed to provide easier operation.

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Fuel Handling Cranes

The fuel handling equipment is a remote-controlled apparatus capable of handling intensely radiating fuel assemblies in the fuel handling cell of an encapsulation plant. Konecranes nuclear fuel handling units feature multiple redundant safety measures and single failure proof design for maximum safety in a nuclear fuel environment.

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Nuclear Polar Cranes

The Konecranes polar cranes are safer, simplified and cost effective method for inspecting and maintaining the containment dome. These cranes are tested, quality-compliant, designed for maximum capability, low cost of ownership and easy access for maintenance. Our polar cranes utilize a multipurpose design that improves productivity and reliability by providing four primary lifting systems including a main hoist, auxiliary hoist, maintenance jib crane, and containment inspection man lift, all conveniently located on one trolley.

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Turbine Hall Cranes

Konecranes turbine hall cranes consist of design features, which improve performance such as on-board diagnostics, precise positioning and remote operator’s controls. We provide one of the most weight efficient designs in the industry, which not only reduces the initial cost of the crane but also reduces the cost of the crane support structure.

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Hevi Lift Hoists

The Hevi-lift hoist has a history over 80 years and is widely used in the nuclear industry. The Hevi-lift hoist makes a perfect choice for nuclear containment as it is made out of materials suitable for all reactor types. Hevi-lift hoists are manufactured with a minimum amount of deleterious materials, such as aluminum and zinc. The Hevi-lift hoist is also available as a NUREG-0554 compliant single-failure-proof model.

Equipment's for Nuclear Industry

Konecranes KBK workstation lifting system

Workstation Lifting Systems

Konecranes workstation lifting systems represent a wide scope of expertise designed particularly for light loads. The range is comprised of products that can be used in various processes, all the way from precise maneuvering to demanding workstation use. Our equipment supports efficient and safer lifting for all kinds of loads.

Men with overhead crane

Overhead cranes

Industry-leading crane technology that meets light and heavy industrial lifting needs up to 500 tons.

Konecranes CXT crane for hazardous environments

Hazardous environment cranes and hoists

We offer a wide range of hazardous area equipment designed and manufactured to provide the highest level of safety in coal and gas power plants.

Customer Reference Stories

Constellation Energy

“Konecranes developed a new solution based on our current situation. It was an innovative idea, and they presented the model that showed the outcome.”

Mark Fitzsimmons, Manager of Plant Operations, Principle Engineer