Hevi-lift hoists

Confidence from experience

The Hevi-lift hoist has a history over 80 years and is widely used in the nuclear industry. It is known for its long life, quiet operation, superior strength and quality.

Safe and compliant

The Hevi-lift hoist makes a perfect choice for nuclear containment as it is made out of materials suitable for all reactor types. Hevi-lift hoists are manufactured with a minimum amount of deleterious materials, such as aluminum and zinc. The Hevi-lift hoist is also available as a NUREG-0554 compliant single-failure-proof model.

Globally qualified

Hevi-lift has been designed according to the latest global crane standards such as EN and ASME. It is also applicable with global nuclear standards such as KTA 3902 and ASME NOG-1.

A versatile hoist

Hevi-lift hoists are used in various applications throughout a nuclear power facility; from standard lifts to safety-related, highly critical lifts.

Hevi-lift applications

  • Polar crane
  • Fuel machine
  • Spent fuel machine
  • Containment hatch hoist
  • Cask crane
  • Turbine crane
  • Transfer crane
  • Upender hoist
  • Rad waste crane
  • Pump house crane
  • General maintenance
  • Dry well hoist
  • Inverter on hoist, trolley and bridge motions
  • IP / NEMA rated cubicles and motors
  • Mechanical load brake
  • Minimal zinc and aluminium
  • Ultimate block-operated limit switch
  • Standard quality ISO 9001:2008
  • Single-failure-proof model
  • Nuclear containment grade paint
  • Halogen free cabling and wiring
  • 2-speed motors and controls
  • Manual hoist or trolley operation
  • UL electrics and controls
  • Seismic qualification
  • Nuclear quality ASME NQA-1 or 10CFR50 App. B