Die handling cranes

Reliable and efficient

Making cars and trucks requires efficient production and reliable equipment. Konecranes has cranes with features for safe and easy operation. Crane cycle times are reduced using PLC controlling, position censoring, radio controls, Sway Control and semi-auto functions.

In press shops, dies are typically handled with slings or chains attached to all four corners. Konecranes offers several types of cranes for die handling purposes including CXT®, SMARTON® and UNITON™ cranes.

Die Handling Cranes operate at the Press Line in production or in Tool Room for die service. Press Line cranes deliver dies from die warehouse to Press bolsters and back. Cranes can have either one trolley with one hoisting machinery, two trolleys with individual hoisting machineries or one trolley with two hoisting machineries depending on for what purposes crane is used for.

Die turning and rope angles during die maintenance

When the upper part of a die is turned for service, large rope angles around six to 12 degrees can build up. The angles are related to the rope length and the distance between the hooks.