Snag Prevention

Damage prevention from snagged loads

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Occasionally, crane hooks, slings and loads accidently snag—or get caught on—a piece of equipment or structural element of a building while in motion. Often this happens before the operator has time to react and prevent damage to the load, the crane or other machinery.

The Konecranes Snag Prevention feature automatically stops crane movement in such a situation, when a hook, sling or load accidentally catches on something while the trolley or bridge is in motion. The feature operates on continuous measurement of the rope angle.

Constant monitoring, constant protection

The crane operator turns on Snag Prevention with the selector switch on the crane’s radio controller. After that, the feature is always on in every lifting situation.

Snag Prevention constantly monitors the rope angle to assist in safe crane operation and stops trolley, traverse and bridge travel as necessary.

Brings snags to the operator’s attention

It helps prevent damage to the crane, load and other machinery. When activated, Snag Prevention brings the snag to the crane operator’s attention with a horn signal.

Snag Prevention means improved operational safety and less wear and tear on crane components.

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