Target Positioning

Load positioning for reduced cycle time

crane advisor

In assembly plants, moving the overhead crane can get repetitive. You are often moving from one known location to another as you lift, move and set items into production. This situation can also be true in manufacturing locations where the product needs to be touched from many hands or must be moved from station to station. For overhead crane operators, this work can become very predictable and repetitive.

Konecranes offers the solution with Target Positioning, which can take the load from a home position to a target position automatically and only requires the operator to press a single button. This feature has been designed to reduce cycle times and to enhance safety.

Easy control for crane operators

Target positioning is a major time-saver when you have to drive back and forth through the same location. Instead of operating the crane in the slow, traditional way, you push a single button and the crane does the driving on its own.

Set up a predefined area, a home base and the desired load location. The crane slows down, stops and lowers at the target point. For the return position, select the desired home location. After clicking only one button, the crane returns to the desired home location by itself.

Choose up to 120 target positions, seven home positions and one quick home position.

Satisfied Target Positioning Customer

“Speeding up coil supply to the machines and, more generally, improving the performance of the workshop, are objectives we’re always trying to reach. Thanks to the Target Positioning feature, it is very easy to program the two destination points of the coils. It’s time-saving and increases productivity. Target positioning is exactly the feature we needed.”

-Daniel Durieux, Global Manager/Lifting Equipment, Renault