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From repairs and inspections to comprehensive service programs and advanced services we can provide expert care for your equipment over the entire lifecycle.


We can supply parts for all crane makes and models. We also offer rebuilding, reverse engineering, made-to-order parts and component and assembly modernization.


We have a wide range of equipment suitable for all types of applications. From workstation lifting systems to rope hoist, open winch and custom cranes - our equipment has quality at the core.


Agilon automated storage and retrieval system is designed especially for maintenance, production and distribution operations and warehouse management.

Equipment and service for a wide range of industries

Konecranes roll handling crane

Paper & Forest

For decades, Konecranes has contributed to the productivity of the paper and forest industry. Whether you’re lifting raw pulp into treatment vats, or taking finished parent rolls off the main production line we offer cranes and services designed to help you work more safely and effectively.


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Service programs

TRUCONNECT Remote Monitoring

CheckApp for Daily Inspections

Vacuum lifter for paper rolls

Mechanical gripper for paper rolls

Portal, storage and woodyard cranes

Parent roll handling cranes

Waste to Energy

WTE & Biomass

When you choose Konecranes to equip and service your waste-to-energy-and-biomass facilities, you acquire a trusted source of global experience and knowledge, combined with local know-how to empower your lifting operations and increase your safety and productivity. We offer cranes, features and services designed to serve renewable energy production needs.


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Service programs

TRUCONNECT Remote Monitoring

Waste handling crane

Biomass handling cranes

Straw bale handling crane

Sludge handling crane

Slag handling crane

Konecranes coil handling crane

Metals Production

We know the hazards and challenges of the metals production industry: open flame, molten metal, severe heat, dangerous loads and continuous production demands. Our advanced lifting equipment, technologies and service can improve the safety and productivity of operations across every area of your plant.


Explore service and equipment for the Metals Production industry

Service programs

TRUCONNECT Remote Monitoring

Double-girder ladle handling cranes

Four-girder charging cranes

Slab and billet handling cranes

Coil and plate handling cranes

Scrap handling cranes



With more than a half-century in the nuclear business, Konecranes is an expert in nuclear material handling and lifting equipment. When safety is paramount, reliable equipment is a top priority. We design, install and service single failure proof cranes and other machinery for handling nuclear fuel more safely and efficiently.


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Service programs

TRUCONNECT Remote Monitoring

Crane modernizations

Cask handling cranes

Cask transporters

Fuel handling cranes

Polar cranes

Turbine hall cranes

Hevi-lift hoists

Petroleum and gas

Petroleum & Gas

The coke pit is the production heart of a petrochemical plant, a harsh environment full of moisture, corrosive fumes and abrasive dust. Work is fast and continuous, and downtime is crippling to production. Konecranes can provide lifting equipment and service that can meet these challenges safely and efficiently.


Explore service & equipment for the Petroleum & Gas industry

Service programs

TRUCONNECT Remote Monitoring

RailQ Runway Survey

Electric overhead traveling (EOT) coker cranes

Single gantry coker cranes

Hazardous environment cranes and hoists



The hazardous conditions of underground and open-cut mining call for rugged material-handling equipment that is built to endure moisture, corrosion, abrasive dust and ignitable fumes. At Konecranes, we understand the challenges of mining and the problems caused by equipment downtime. So we design and manufacture mining cranes and other material-handling equipment that are equipped to handle the task. We also back the superior design and quality of our equipment with industry-leading service.


Explore service and equipment for the mining industry

Service programs

TRUCONNECT Remote Monitoring

Overhead cranes

Process cranes

Workstation lifting systems

Hazardous environment cranes and hoists



Looking for Ports equipment and service? Konecranes has the widest and deepest portfolio of lifting equipment, service and software for container handling, shipyard material handling and bulk handling.


Explore Port equipment and services

A long-term partnership

Industry-leading lifecycle services for all types and makes of industrial cranes and hoists ​and sustainable lifting solutions covering a full range of industrial applications.​ Our objective is to improve the safety, productivity and sustainability of our customers’ operations.

Snag prevention


Safety iconWith industrial equipment, safety comes from technology and quality. We develop every aspect of our cranes—all the way from their smallest components to full assembly, testing and delivery—with safety as our top priority. We've also added intelligence to lifting with Smart Features—a specialized combination of crane components and software designed specifically to improve the safety and productivity of your operations.

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To keep your equipment operating safely and reliably a program of regular inspections and maintenance is key. We're using smart technology and features to provide measurable increases in the safety of our customers' operations. Our digital ecosystem brings transparency and real-time information to support informed decision-making, optimized maintenance and accurate troubleshooting.

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Crane lifting steel beams


Productivity iconChoosing the right crane with the right features can make a big difference in improving your productivity. Our cranes are not solely composed of mechanical and electrical parts, they have transformed into intelligent products, reshaping the industry boundaries, and lifting businesses to the next level. With a century of experience, we have simplified applications and systems with the combination of sensors, microprocessors, software and connectivity. Konecranes cranes with added intelligence and connectivity help unlock limitless possibilities including increased uptime, reduced costs, improved workforce efficiency and real-time feedback to enable continuous improvement. Konecranes Intelligent cranes and services offering provides a smart, productive and safe user experience across the material handling industry.

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A comprehensive service program coupled with digital service tools can help maintain equipment reliability and increase your productivity. Retrofits are a relatively easy way to add productivity-enhancing features and modernizations can bring new technology to old cranes. Remote Monitoring gives you insights into crane usage and condition and when combined with your inspection and maintenance data on our customer portal you get a comprehensive view of equipment maintenance needs and performance.

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Konecranes service vehicle


Sustainability iconAt Konecranes, we consider the environment throughout the lifecycle of a crane. It starts in the design stage where the overall environmental impact of the crane is determined. We strive for maintainability as well as energy and material efficiency. In production we select repairable and recyclable materials and design our equipment for easy reuse and recycling. In delivery we optimize transport methods and routes and utilize recyclable packaging. In use, our cranes feature advanced technology that can help reduce energy consumption.

When carefully maintained a crane can last for decades. With Lifecycle Care, smart technology, and our digital ecosystem we can provide services to maintain equipment reliability and efficiency and optimize maintenance planning. And at the end of a crane's lifecycle, 90% of our crane materials can be recycled. 

At Konecranes, we create smart, connected, resource- and energy-efficient products and services with a goal of providing substantial value and a positive social and environmental impact for our stakeholders and society.

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