Turbine Hall Cranes

Konecranes turbine hall cranes are in high demand in power plants all over the world. We have supplied more than 100 of these cranes to nuclear power plants, and hundreds more to non-nuclear power plants. Our long experience means we have the skills and knowledge you can trust to provide you with a better crane for your nuclear facility.

Our cranes are designed for safety and reliability, with less maintenance, a longer life cycle, and enhanced performance. We are recognized as a leading supplier of cranes to the power industry worldwide.

Our turbine hall cranes are very safe

Konecranes turbine hall cranes use the most advanced safety features you can find in the nuclear industry today. Made from only the best quality steel, each crane has overload protection and fail-safe operator controls. Our own Konecranes engineers train your operators to ensure they are fully competent in its use.

When contaminated steam passes through the turbine, you need even more safeguards. In this case, choose SupersafeTM,, our patented single failure proof technology. It almost entirely removes any chance of accidental load drop, even during a total loss of power.

Our nuclear cranes enjoy the full approval of the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and are 10CFR50 Appendix B and NQA-1 compliant. They follow the most stringent international safety requirements, including NUREG-0554 and NUREG-0612.

Easy to operate and maintain with our modern design

Konecranes turbine hall cranes are designed for maximum efficiency and a longer life cycle. An auxiliary hoist is for standard lifts, saving wear on your main hoist for critical lifts. Weight optimization reduces support loadings and the overall cost of your crane. Nuclear grade paint helps protect the structure.

On-board diagnostics help you detect potential problems before they occur. Service modularity means quick recovery after maintenance or repair, so there is less downtime at your facility. Infinity variable controls and precise positioning mean smoother movement and more accurate placement.