Northeast paper mill cranes
Customer story

Konecranes provides critical service, right on site

In the wooded mountains of the Northeastern United States, a carbonless paper mill plant works with breakneck speed. With each overhead crane integral to the entire operation’s success, the cranes must be kept in pristine condition. However, the mill’s remote location made it difficult for any crane service company to arrive on site in less than three hours.

The paper mill struggled for years, trying to find the service their cranes required, until Konecranes provided the answer. Instead of sending a few service technicians a few weekends every month, Konecranes provided a technician to be on-site full-time, everyday.

“Having a service technician on site works really well,” said the local Konecranes service manager. “What used to take two or three technicians, he can do by himself, just by being there.”

Konecranes customized a preventive maintenance plan for the facility, which drastically reduced the mill’s overall downtime because repairs were made before a breakdown occurred. With a solid, predictable schedule for maintenance, the plant can now project an accurate and cost-effective budget for crane maintenance, year after year.


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