Future Fields Concept, redefine the relationship from ship to stack

Future Fields

An alternative approach to port operations that is set to transform the efficiency and impact of global shipping. 

Our innovative technology leverage strategic enhancements that not only promises a significant increase in throughput but also reduces the time ships spend in port. Explore our site to discover how this method has the potential to disrupt and redefine the standards in port operations and lead the charge towards more efficient and responsible container handling.

Redefine the relationship between ship and stack

Future Fields is a solution designed to tackle current and future challenges, such as increasing vessel sizes and limited availability of land. By utilizing automated technology and the latest innovations, Future Fields improves productivity, consistency, and capacity. In keeping with the Konecranes value of 'Driving for Better,' we continue to seek new and innovative approaches to container handling and are delighted to announce, 'Future Fields', a result of our joint efforts with industry experts. 

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The Challenge

Since the first Triple E-class container vessels were ordered in 2011 and 10,000 moves per day bannerboosted by ULCVs (Ultra Large Container Vessels) since 2017, the quest for enhanced productivity has driven significant advancements in port operations. Back in 2015, Drewry Container Insight noted that berth productivity had not kept pace with increasing vessel sizes, despite the target of 250 moves per hour to achieve 6000 moves in 24 hours with 8 STS. 

Today, the best-performing terminals can reach this goal, yet the integration of automation has been modest, with remote operation of STS cranes nearing the productivity of onboard operators. Yard automation brings consistency but poses challenges in handling increased volume, especially in brownfield sites. 

The Future Fields Concept addresses these challenges to improve quay productivity, ensure efficient horizontal transport, and to maximise the density and accessibility of containers in the 'yard'. Our approach ensures that port operations are not only efficient but also focused on improving sustainability within the terminal, meeting the evolving demands of global trade.

At the Quay

Key Benefits: Portal Crane Animation

  • Improved Crane Stability 
  • Double the Performance with four trolleys and shorter cycle times 
  • 35-45% reduction in ship time in port 
  • 50-60% Less Steel Used 
  • Coastline/Shoreline Usage Saving 

Portal Crane Solutions: 

  • Suitable for all vessel sizes, including mega-sized vessels 
  • Rigid design enhances safety and productivity with better structural stability and precise motion control 
  • Doubling crane performance using two girders and four trolleys
  • Extended safety distance between crane legs and vessel to prevent risk of contact

Horizontal Transport

Key Features: Konecranes AGV

  • World-leading AGV Interface for predictable performance 
  • Twin and Tandem Moves 
  • Low CO2 and Noise Emissions with proven battery solutions 
  • Personnel Safety with twist lock removal stations and protected entry 

Advanced Solutions: 

  • Vessel and container yard interface managed with AGVs 
  • Highest capacity including twin and tandem moves 
  • Fully electric solution with proven battery technology combined with solar power 

Our leading solutions offer efficient and eco-friendly operations, enhancing productivity while prioritizing safety and sustainability.

Container Storage/Stacking

Key Benefits: Automated High-Bay Container Storage

  • Reduced Land and Shoreline Footprint: Stacking density of 3500 – 4100 TEU/HA 
  • 95% Productive Container Moves 
  • Operational Resilience 
  • Integration Capability: Seamlessly connects yard, rail, and trucking operations 
  • High Automation Level: Substantial OPEX savings 
  • Improved Safety: Enhanced through automation and enclosed structure 
  • Fully Electric Solution: Solar power option available 

Advanced Features: 

  • Throughput capacity of stackers and trucks cranes: approximately 30 moves per hour 
  • Solar energy independence 

Our solution provides high efficiency, safety, and sustainability, transforming yards into fully automated warehouses.