Slings and Accessories Inspection


No matter what you are lifting – you are probably using a number of different load lifting attachments in your daily operations. The safe use of lifting attachments requires regular inspections to make sure they are working properly, and an identification tag can help you keep track of the equipment and their inspection information.

The Slings and Accessories Inspection combines a professional inspection of your non-maintainable load lifting attachments and accessories with radio frequency identification (RFID) tags to record accessory inspection data. A smartphone app helps you quickly and reliably identify attachments.



Compliance inspection and recommendations

The inspection is performed by a competent technician who is trained and qualified. The technician identifies deficiencies and deviations from statutory requirements that may pose risks to your lifting operations and employee safety.

As part of the inspection the technicians may also recommend more appropriate attachments where needed to increase safety such as when a recurrent cause of defect appears.

We can also provide repairs and replacements for attachments that failed the inspection to help reduce downtime.

Benefits of the Slings and Accessories Inspection

  • Can identify deficiencies or deviations from applicable standards and regulations that may pose risks to your lifting operations and employee safety
  • Allows for easy and reliable identification of all load lifting attachments and accessories
  • Gives you an efficient and reliable data recording process
  • Helps increase safety with the immediate availability of equipment identification and inspection status on the app
  • Assists auditing by providing compliant inspection reports and the complete history of performed inspections
  • Comprehensive device specifications on yourKONECRANES, including order number, enables efficient ordering for replacements or new devices
  • Inspection data in one convenient location helps you keep track of inventory and plan for replacements
  • Secure data storage

Data security

Konecranes digital services have been awarded ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification for information security management. The ISO/IEC 27001 certificate demonstrates a commitment to proactively manage the information security of Konecranes digital services and ensure compliance with legal and customer requirements. The certification applies to the development and delivery of the customer portal, CheckApp for Daily Inspections and the Slings and Accessories Inspection app and the TRUCONNECT suite of remote service products.