Maximizing efficiency, transparency, and cost savings in Maintenance Operations

Cost savings and increased productivity with an intelligent maintenance warehouse

Agilon ensures that all necessary supplies are available in the warehouse, while also closely monitoring the usage of critical production materials in real time. The system is designed to ensure that the correct quantities of materials are delivered to the right person at the appropriate time.

Agilon enables easier overall materials management and more efficient and effective maintenance operations that can significantly increase productivity, improve asset performance, and reduce material costs and equipment downtime.

Fully traceable and monitored transactions reduce consumption

When using Agilon, a user can log in using a PIN password, fingerprint recognition or ID card to collect the items from the Agilon access point. All transactions are traceable as every item added to or removed from the system is time, date and user stamped. Consumption can be monitored by job number, department, or individual user.


Optimize efficiency and space with Agilon Divider Box functionality

Agilon, equipped with the Divider Box functionality, maximizes storage space by allowing multiple items to be stored in the same divider box, resulting in significant space savings. It facilitates easy and efficient picking of items simultaneously. The divider box optimizes maintenance areas, promoting streamlined warehouse operations, smooth workflow, and increased efficiency.




No more inventory-taking – you save time and money

Agilon enables continuous inventory-taking and 24/7 access to real-time inventory information – any time, place, and device with an internet connection. You can also see and download inventory reports whenever needed. This means warehouse balance levels remain up-to-date, and seasonal inventory-taking can be eliminated.

Lower purchasing costs and easier procurement processes

Agilon makes the procurement process more accessible. When the stock level meets the reorder point, the system automatically sends email reminders to purchasers or orders directly to suppliers. Automating the order process with reorder points and supplier integrations can significantly lower purchasing costs.

Optimize your Maintenance Warehouse Operations with Agilon

  • Cost savings
  • Space savings 
  • Increased productivity
  • Efficient operations
  • 100% traceability
  • 100% picking accuracy
  • Streamlined procurement