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Sebastian Reck img

Sebastian Reck

Service Planner

"In my work, the team is most important - our people, and we have good communication with each other. This is what I like, working with my colleagues, the teamwork and the common tasks."

Andreas Söderberg img

Andreas Söderberg

Technical Trainer

"I enjoy everything about my job, for example, all the people I meet and learn from every day, as well as the new technology that Konecranes is delivering." 

Christoph Basser large img

Christoph Basser

Inside Sales / Estimator

"The most important thing for me at my job is that we enjoy our work, that we always have personal challenges and that we are personally satisfied with our work."

Ning Hu large img

Hu Ning

Senior Support Expert

"I consider Konecranes a company that keeps pace with changes in the market with fast technology updates, while also being a people-oriented company. I believe that all of us can learn new things from each other, as well as understand and adapt different cultures."

mika eskola

Mika Eskola

Leading Engineer

"What I find inspiring in my job is that it is really diverse, every day is different, and I am able to see the results of my design work."

jannie chen

Jannie Chen

HR Specialist

"I really feel that Konecranes has the culture of open communication, trusting people, a good working atmostphere, nice colleagues, and an encouraging working life balance."

Juha Anttila

Juha Anttila

Director, Portfolio Management Office, IT

“What really motivates me is that working in a large and global company you can learn new things every day.” 

Terhi Tenkanen 640x480

Terhi Tenkanen

Director, Data to Knowledge, Technologies

"What I'm interested now in Konecranes, and happy about that we are already on those areas planning our future steps, are the machine learning, robotics and also how to use smartly this big data that it also brings value to our business."

Subodh Vaidya

Subodh Vaidya

HR Director, Global Functions

"Konecranes culture - if I have to describe it in a few words: firstly, it is inclusive, it is open, and what lies in the cracks, in the core, is trust in people. So there is a heavy reliance on trust in people, and that makes people really work freely, flexibly but also then give more than what is required to really deliver for the success."

Fredrik Gunnarsson img

Fredrik Gunnarsson

Service Technician

"If you look at the safety considerations at Konecranes, they are of the very highest standard. You have to follow the rules given, you get the training needed, and you use the tools available. In this way, we make sure everybody gets home in the evening."

Matilda Pertersson Image

Matilda Petersson

Agreement Sales Director

“What makes Konecranes unique as an employer is that we provide many and good opportunities for our employees to let them grow and develop themselves, both locally and globally.“

Heikki Kreku photo

Heikki Kreku

Project Manager

"During my career at Konecranes I've noticed that the work environment provides a chance to daily learn something new, and continually evolve and improve your skills. And you combine that with good team spirit and good coworkers; now that's something you want to return to every day.​"

Mikko Leppänen image

Mikko Leppänen

Reliability Technician

“I am motivated by varying tasks and a good working atmosphere. Konecranes is a great place to work, as it is a stable employer with a good work cycle and great atmosphere.”

Adeyinka Abass image

Adeyinka Abass

Structural Analysis Specialist

“I enjoy working in Konecranes for many reasons. I feel trusted in the task and the responsibilities been given to me. I feel I've received enough support from my managers and from my colleagues in all matters. And finally, I feel there is a chance to always learn something new.”

Sami Piittisjärvi image

Sami Piittisjärvi

Electrical Engineering Team Leader

“In my opinion, the best thing about Konecranes is that it is global, meaning that in practice the possibilities are limitless. The subjects you have studied, or your first position on the company will definitely not determine the rest of your life. Instead, all doors are open.”

Maarit Toivonen image

Maarit Toivonen


“When you are testing equipment, unexpected faults can come up. But the real feeling of success comes from finding the fault and then sorting it out alone or with a friend. That makes you feel good.”


Ibrahim Oulghazi

Service Technician

“Personally, I consider being a Konecranes Service Technician a great honor, because I get to go places that I had never believed. I would always recommend Konecranes as an employer.”

Amina Peerzade Img

Amina Peerzade

Siebel IT Administrator

“Konecranes is truly a special place to work. Despite of the nationality, location, sex, it gives you an opportunity to grow. The possibilities are endless.”

Antoine Bosquet image

Antoine Bosquet

Regional Sales Director

“There are three things that motivate me. First is the success of our team. Second is to keep our promises, to make sure that our customers are satisfied. And then third, the people I work with. It's very important to work with people you like.”

Sini Kotola image

Sini Kotola

Integration Management Office Manager

“I have loved working for Konecranes, because I have been able to impact so many things and work with some really lovely and very clever people, which is very important for me.”

MIkko Välimaa

Mikko Välimaa

Health, Safety & Environment Director

“It's easy to get excited about safety. The target is to make sure that everyone of us gets to go home to their families, to their loved ones, safe and healthy every day. There can't be any bigger target than that.”

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