EXN Electric Chain Hoist Cranes

Usefulness, reliability and crane safety combined

The Konecranes EXN electric chain hoist crane offers a level of safety and versatility we are proud of in small load lifting. Using a sturdy steel structure and a full set of components designed specifically for use in cranes in hazardous areas, you can rely on the EXN crane to lift up to 5 metric tons in most hazardous environments.

Full EX certification shows that our equipment is designed to maximise crane safety in hazardous environments. A unique mechanical configuration reduces the likelihood of sparks and other ignition risks under normal operating conditions.

Easy to operate with chain hoist crane

In addition to our focus on safety and reliablity, the EXN crane has also been designed for ease of use. An ergonomic user interface allows the operator to fully concentrate on lifting. Two-speed contactor controls and an electrical limit switch help you keep your load under control at all times.

A full range of options means the crane can be tailored to your specific lifting needs. Single or double girder, different trolleys, an anti-collision system, bronze-coated hooks – there are many possibilities. Variable headroom and a compact hoist make the best use of the space available. You can choose the best options for your facility.

A safe electric hoist and versatile piece of equipment

If you are in energy production, chemicals handling or light manufacturing, this crane is particularly good for you. If you need to perform maintenance tasks somewhere with a risk of flammable gas or dust in the air, the EXN crane may be your choice.

Contact Konecranes today to find out more about how our EXN electric chain hoist crane suits your lifting needs.