Expert process and operational performance improvement across terminal operations.

With over 75 container terminal optimization projects completed worldwide, we bring best-practice to your terminal in a stepwise, systematic and data-driven approach. A proven approach that provides an ROI within months and gets support from all stakeholders.

Why choose Konecranes to optimize your performance?

In our holistic, data-driven improvement approach, we assess every operational process, system and equipment across your facility. We do so in close cooperation with your terminal staff to avoid the not-invented-here syndrome, achieving plans that get support. Our improvement plans always provide a balance between cost, operational performance, and capacity, and are assessed on feasibility. During this process, we use tools such as simulation and emulation, but also financial modelling, and possibly our extensive training toolset.

Highlights of applying optimization services:

  • OPEX: a typical payback within three to six months for delivered performance improvements.
  • Proven: we work with 9 of the 10 biggest global terminal operators across 65 countries.
  • Power: advanced data analysis and dynamic simulation tools deliver superior outcomes boosting productivity and profitability.

Expert optimization services for:

Process Improvement

Use a comprehensive, data-driven improvement approach to assess and optimize your terminal resources to their full potential. This phased approach encompasses a quick scan, improvement study, implementation of the solutions and applying continuous improvement.

Performance Insights

Identify bottlenecks and opportunities to increase your performance to cost ratio.

Leveraging Best Practices

Implement the best practices from over 75 container optimization projects executed globally to your terminal in a stepwise, systematic and proven approach.

Proven Solutions

Advanced data analysis and dynamic simulation models using real terminal data determine the impact of provided improvement measures on performance and cost.

Tuned System Performance

Tune the control parameter settings of your terminal operating system to optimize processes such as the yard planning, equipment productivity and deployment, workload distribution, and waiting times. Realize the impact of decisions without the burden of cost and uncertainty of implementing wasted resources with advanced simulation.

Routing & Equipment Deployment

Evaluation, through emulated environments, support decision making as to the amount and types of equipment to be deployed in designated areas. The basis for best routing decisions is a correct terminal layout within the system. Defining the optimized route of movements, considering shortest and least utilized, can be achieved through emulated processes.

Service Times

Tuning service parameters for optimized performance which matter to your clients like truck turn times, servicing principles and system-driven decision making, improve the overall service delivery of your operation.

Yard Planning

Optimize your yard in the best way possible to reach the highest density with minimal impact on terminal performance with our TOS tuning services. Use leading emulation and simulation to evaluate the impact of parameter changes before implementing them in the live environment.

Workload Distribution

Distribution of workloads through optimized yard performance can be realized through tuning of TOS parameters. Robust and extensive testing in an emulated environment supports decision making and facilitates parameter changes without operational disruption.

Trained & Prepared Staff

Ensure buy-in and understanding of all stakeholders involved with advanced emulation in a near-to-live setting and tailored training for staff to be well-prepared ahead of go-live.

Tailored Training

Providing onsite and remote support to upskill your staff before and after go-live. Integrate global best practices into daily operations and unlock the functionality of your terminal operating system through extensive TOS training for user productivity gains

Performance-driven Tooling

Our advanced emulation tool CONTROLS enables you to tune the TOS using a virtual model of your terminal for staff training and eliminates issues ahead of go-live. Our Training Portal, an interactive e-learning platform, provides training courses with rich content delivered online with bite-size modules and gamification to facilitate the user's learning process.