Portal, Storage and Woodyard Cranes

Portal crane equipment - designed for the long haul

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All Konecranes portal cranes are designed based on the best features of our original portal cranes built in the 1970s. With a strong foundation and a proven history, we've has been building long-standing portal cranes for nearly 40 years.

Flexible storage

Our straight track crane design is optimal for future runway expansions or for expanding storage space. With a straight track system, you have the optimum design for truck traffic flow and maximum storage space.


A rotating portal crane can be used when straight track cranes will not fit your space. Storage is available both inside and outside of the rail. Log boom style cranes are ideal when fast truck unloading is a necessity. These cranes are designed for facilities with limited storage space needs.

Operating cost savings

Konecranes portal cranes combine unloading, transporting and decking of materials in one efficient operation. The combination of these activities reduces the number of units needed, as well as maintenance and personnel requirements, significantly reducing the cost of operation in comparison to yards using rubber tired equipment. Our portal cranes are constructed with energy efficient motors and controls and are engineered for long, dependable operation.

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Storage area gains

Portal cranes take up less yard space when compared to rubber tired equipment. They also allow vertical storage up to 23 meters, raising the cubic storage capacity of a storage yard.







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