Maintenance Cranes

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Unlock your productivity potential

The forming section constitutes what is called the wet end of the machine. Wood pulp gets pumped from the machine box through screens and cleaners to the head box, which delivers a uniform slurry to the forming wire. The wet end crane helps to erect the paper machine, handle heavy press rolls and machine parts, and support maintenance tasks.

The Konecranes wet end crane can be fully automated or operated manually from a central control room. Made for safety and durability, it is protected from the potentially corrosive, warm and wet environment in which it operates. The versatile crane is easy to adapt for different uses and locations around the plant, such as the coater section, deinking plant, roll grinding workshop, or any other place where a crane is needed.

Wet end cranes

The wet end crane has multiple purposes, ranging from paper machine maintenance to working as a dry end crane back up. It is used to erect the paper machine, to aid in machine roll maintenance and to handle paper machine parts.

Paper_stora enso_empty spool


Our deep understanding of the paper and forest industry allows us to offer you just the right solutions and product features

  • Fully automated, operator-free system
  • Stainless steel paneling with special protective paint
  • IP 66 protection
  • Smart Features such as Hoist Synchronization and Protected Areas
  • Grab specifically adjusts to the relevant load
  • Frequency-inverter controlled drives
  • Regenerative braking
  • Advanced crane controls
  • Designed for continuous operation
  • Advanced sensors
  • Load-dependent lifting speeds


Konecranes provides its customers with well-engineered, high-quality lifting equipment and proven results.

  • More efficient and safe operations with enhanced performance due to full automation.
  • Efficient lifting motions
  • Smart Features such as Hoist synchronization and Protected Areas help increase the safety and productivity.
  • Advanced sensor system to detect moisture content.
  • Load-dependent lifting speeds saves time and energy
  • Precise handling with grabs
  • Smooth travel and variable speeds.
  • Simplified maintenance and minimize maintenance costs
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Technical Specification

Load capacity

15 t – 100 t + 15 t – 100 t (aux. 2*5 t)

Winch type

Purpose-built open winch

Travelling speed

0-50 m/min stepless


20 – 40 m

Lifting height, max.

10 – 25 m

Traversing speed

0-20 m/min

Hoisting speed

0.4-8 m/min

Manual/Automated control


Hoist group

M4-M5 – M6

Crane drive group

FEM M5 (2m)

Adding value to your production line

Konecranes’ long experience in the paper industry has made us a market and technology leader. You can be sure our purpose-built wet end cranes are reliable, durable and high-performing, and will bring an extra level of efficiency to the maintenance of your paper manufacturing equipment, reducing your downtime, raising your productivity, and keeping your cost of ownership to a minimum.

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