The new Konecranes S-series crane

Konecranes S-series crane - The new standard in lifting

Radically redesigned with never-before-seen features, both inside and out, the Konecranes S-series will set the new standard in lifting for years to come. A newly designed structure and next generation features such as off-set reeving, stepless hoisting movement and synthetic rope will make lifting more precise and powerful with total control.

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reeving-s-seriesConfident. Forward-looking. Bold.

The Konecranes S-series is a bold new take on our industry standard overhead crane, with features never seen before. The new synthetic rope is perfect for reeving. Its stable symmetric structure eliminates traditional rope defects. Less surface pressure reduces wear and tear considerably.

Tilted drum and off-set reeving are two first-in-the-world innovations to eliminate peak rope forces and reduce the wear on reeving components. A standardized inverter for hoisting and unique Smart Features enable smooth and  accurate load positioning with total control.

The innovative main girder is the ultimate fit for your runway. A revolutionary sliding connection allows the end truck to better accommodate itself on the crane runway. With our integrated Smart Features and design innovations you will be working with advanced automation, accuracy and ultimate control. Everything it takes to maximize performance in your process.

You can get a real-time view of your crane with TRUCONNECT and tap the power of our cutting-edge digital services.

Time to set the benchmark. Again.

We set out to reinvent the industry benchmark. Radically redesigned both inside and out, the S-series will set the new standard in lifting for years to come. It’s not an update, it is the new benchmark. Read more about the Konecranes S-series rope hoist crane on our dedicated website at or contact us to discuss how the Konecranes S-series suit your lifting needs.

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Konecranes S-series

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