Heavy-lifting with intelligence

The Konecranes SMARTON® is a built-up heavy-duty open winch overhead crane lifting heavy loads in many of the world's leading industrial companies. Developed for demanding process, assembly and maintenance use, it combines the latest in mechanical, electrical and automation design.

A powerful piece of equipment, this crane can lift anything from 6.3 tons to 250 tons with one trolley and up to 500 tons with two trolleys. Duty classes range from M3 to M8 (CMAA Class A-F). But the real strength of the crane lies in its lifting intelligence.

A smarter crane where it matters

The SMARTON open winch crane is designed for efficient and safe operation without compromise. Built with only high-quality components, this lifting equipment comes with the most advanced crane software available today. Its Smart Features give you control over your material handling, enhancing your productivity and safety like never before.

Save both money and the environment with the SMARTON crane. Not only are its special drives energy-efficient, but also an energy feedback system is available. Braking energy is fed back into the power grid, reducing energy consumption and costs by up to one third.

Bringing a whole new dimension to lifting

Technology on the SMARTON doesn't stop there. A wireless tablet puts process and crane-related information quite literally in your hands. Mount the tablet on the radio controller or in the operator's cabin – whatever works best for your personnel. Choose an optional camera view for even more safe and effective load handling.

The Konecranes TRUCONNECT Remote Service brings a new visibility to real-time operating data. Our technicians can help address maintenance issues without even visiting your site.

Contact Konecranes today to find out more about how SMARTON suits your lifting needs.