Biomass cranes

The CXT Biomass crane is a fully automated, versatile and reliable crane with a compact and robust design. Compared to a loader conveyor-based operation, the CXT Biomass increases your floor space, reduces noise, dust and fuel emissions and increases your fuel storage capacity.

Smart Features such as Sway Control allow for faster load handling and more precise positioning. Slack Rope Prevention reduces safety hazards and improves load control by eliminating rope slack. And Extended Speed Range optimises the speed of your crane according to the weight of the load.

Heavy duty biomass cranes range from 4.5 to 17 tons with typical spans from 18 to 27 metres. Sway Control comes standard and other Smart Features can be added. Regenerative braking saves energy and the compact design saves space. Lifting devices include orange peel or dual scoop grabs. 

The standard duty biomass crane ranges from 3.2 to 10 tons with typical spans from 15 to 22 metres. Sway Control also comes standard and the purpose built hoist supports a dual scoop grab.

When specifying a biomass crane you’ll want to factor in daily truck delivery, including the time to receive and process the biomass; how many tons of biomass are being processed and the type and density; the layout of the storage area; and the total burning capacity of the boilers.