A cost-effective alternative to hoist replacement

Machinery components experience fatigue and wear-and-tear whenever a crane is working. As time passes, the theoretical service life of a hoist unit decreases and the wear on components could result in certain hazards.

Regulations require that power-driven rope and chain hoists, as well as crane hoist units, be taken out of operation when the theoretical duration of service has elapsed, unless a general overhaul is carried out to allow further use of the equipment.

A general overhaul should be performed on hoists when the remaining Safe Working Period (SWP) is less than 10%. If you are not able to determine the remaining SWP for your hoist unit then a special assessment should be carried out after 10 years of service life to determine if the hoist is a candidate for an overhaul.

general overhaul


Konecranes technician works on crane modernization

Benefits of General Overhaul

  • Satisfies regulatory requirements helping you to stay compliant
  • Helps maintain equipment performance and availability
  • Helps increase safety and reduce downtime by replacing parts before they wear out and thereby contribute to equipment failures
  • Can help reduce unplanned downtime
  • Genuine spare parts can help provide the same quality level as a new hoist
  • Can be coordinated around your production schedule