With uncompromised performance 

Konecranes RTG cranes are designed for space-saving container terminals requiring top container handling performance. They can be configured with spans up to eight container rows wide plus truck lane, stacking containers up to 1-over-6 high, with a lifting capacity under spreader of up to 65 t. They are equipped with the latest Core of Lifting components (gear reducers, motors, controls).  They are available with diesel, hybrid or fully-electric power, Active Load Control which eliminates container sway, and a full range of Smart Features.

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Here is a journey that helps you navigate the RTG crane purchasing and operating process, from your needs to using the RTG daily to the RTG lifecycle care approach.

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Path to Port Automation

Path to Port Automation

Are you on the path to port automation?

The Konecranes RTG is arguably the RTG that is the most adaptable to automation on the market, because it is engineered to tolerate a high degree of variance, whether from the yard surface, the gantry or the tires. With Konecranes RTGs you have built-in readiness for automation, at the speed and to the degree you require. You can purchase Smart Features with your Konecranes RTGs that make you ready for remote operation. The path to port automation is paved with Smart Features.

Core of Lifting

Core of lifting


The Core of Lifting is an integrated package of gears, motor and controls, designed by Konecranes in-house specifically for cranes and lifting motions. We also design the interaction between the key components and the software, as a whole, specifically for lifting.



Konecranes Ecolifting


Ecolifting is Konecranes’ long-term vision to fully electrify its product offering for container terminals and intermodal terminals.

Maintenance & Remote Support

Port Services Maintenance

Our global footprint and technological advantage mean we can be a powerful partner in keeping all of your equipment at maximum possible availability.

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  • Corrective & On-Call Assistance
  • Preventive & Planned Maintenance
  • Remote & Predictive Maintenance
  • Contracts/SLAs

Spare Parts

Port Parts Package

Covering all Konecranes equipment, our Port Parts Centers in Germany, Finland and Wisconsin, USA ensure port parts distribution across the globe. Our online stores give you insight into stock availability across all of our equipment.



Take advantage of our growing range of retrofits that bring older equipment up-to-date.

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  • Ecolifting conversions
  • Automation conversions
  • Remote operation conversions
  • IT/OT system upgrades
  • Safety-assist retrofits
  • Smart features

Smart Features for Yard Cranes

Konecranes Smart Features for yard cranes, also available as retrofits.

Konecranes Yard Crane Smart Features: Case DP World Yarimca

Konecranes Port Services retrofitted two Konecranes RTGs with a range of smart features for remote operation at the DP World container terminal in Turkey.

Konecranes ARTG system version 2.0


Watch Konecranes' new Automated RTG (ARTG) crane in action, learn main technological features of the crane as well as the larger ARTG yard process.