stanowiskowe systemy dźwignicowe

Workstation lifting systems

Equipment for every station

Konecranes workstation lifting systems comprise a wide range of products that provide precise and flexible load maneuvering in workstation…
suwnice z wciągnikiem łańcuchowym

Overhead cranes

Designed with Your Safety in Mind

Explore the industry-leading crane technology that meets light and heavy industrial lifting needs.
suwnice i wciągniki do środowisk niebezpiecznych

Hazardous environment cranes and hoists

High level of safety and reliability

A wide range of cranes and hoists for material handling in hazardous environments.
Automated RTG (ARTG) System image

Container handling equipment

Advantages keep stacking up with us

Konecranes is on a mission to provide the world's best container handling equipment and service. It's a constantly moving target, and we're…
Mobilne żurawie portowe

Mobile harbor cranes

Technology for your critical operations

The Konecranes Gottwald range of mobile harbor cranes extends from models fulfilling standard requirements to very high performance-models
Żurawie stoczniowe

Offering for shipyards

Over five decades of shipyard experience

Our experience with over one hundred shipyards worldwide has made us a trusted supplier of shipyard cranes from workshop chain hoists to…
Suwnice do przeładunku materiałów sypkich

Bulk handling cranes

Modern workhorses

Our Advanced Grab Drive (AGD) technology provides excellent unloading efficiency, high availability, high eco-efficiency and reduced energy…

Lift trucks

Longest lasting and hardest working

Konecranes offers an extensive selection of fork lift trucks with different lifting capacities. Our fork lift trucks are remarkably…
Agilon lander Hero

Konecranes Agilon

Learn why Agilon is a step up to the winner's circle of maintenance and production warehousing efficiency

Konecranes is reforming material handling. Agilon® is a multi-award-winning and patented material handling product and service, that gives…
New Series

We set the benchmark again

Konecranes proudly presents Next Generation of Lifting.