Crane service programmes

Minimize unplanned downtime and increase reliability with a maintenance program

An effective maintenance program can help address potential maintenance issues before they spoil production, compromise employee safety and negatively impact revenue.

While most crane manufacturers provide scheduled maintenance guidelines or recommendations to help equipment perform as expected during normal operation, the most effective preventive maintenance programs are those that are customized to the environment in which the cranes operate.


  • The right maintenance program can have a significant impact on the performance and reliability of your cranes.
  • Regularly scheduled inspections help identify and address safety issues before they threaten employee safety and affect company revenue.
  • A good maintenance program can help minimize the frequency and cost of unplanned downtime.
  • Planned and scheduled maintenance work can help minimize excessive labor and parts replacement.
  • A maintenance program can help assess whether your cranes are being used properly or as intended, and identify opportunities for operator training.
  • Preventive maintenance conducted at regularly scheduled intervals can often be the most effective way to maintain and potentially extend the lifespan of certain cranes.
  • Preventive maintenance supports compliance with applicable laws and regulations.


Service Programmes

CONTACT On-Demand Service


Provides a transaction-based customer relationship for on-demand services, typically emergency repairs, spare parts, breakdown response and other ad hoc needs. 

CONDITION Inspection Programme


An inspection-based programme designed to assist customers in complying with local statutory requirements, as permitted and required by safety and health regulations for lifting equipment and their operation. These inspections provide accurate information on deficiencies and violations as regulations define. 

CARE Preventive/Predictive Maintenance Programme


This programme is the foundation of Lifecycle Care in Real Time. It has been designed to improve equipment safety and productivity through the systematic application of preventive maintenance inspections, compliance inspections where applicable, routine maintenance, and TRUCONNECT® Remote Monitoring.

COMMITMENT Comprehensive Maintenance Programme


A comprehensive maintenance programme designed to help customers reach safety and productivity targets that are mutually defined and established with Konecranes. 

COMPLETE Comprehensive Maintenance and Operations Programme


This programme is designed to accommodate customers who would like to outsource their equipment maintenance and operation. In this programme, Konecranes will collaborate with the customer to establish material handling and performance objectives for their equipment and process.