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Our ESP.5 Konecranes Gottwald Mobile Harbor Cranes are designed for cargo handling on Standard class vessels. They have a working radius of up to 46 m, lifting capacities of up to 100 t and lifting speeds of up to 120 m/min. These two-rope cranes offer high flexibility when handling containers as well as general and project cargo. Equipped with motor grabs, they have a 40 t grab load curve to handle bulk cargo.



ESP.5 mobile harbor cranes are replacing Model 3 cranes

ESP.5 – for handling all types of cargo

Manuseio de contêineres


Loading and unloading of fully laden containers on Standard class vessels:

  • Single-lift up to the 11th row
  • Twin-lift up to the 8th row
Carga geral

General cargo

For fast and efficient handling of all types of general cargo:

  • Powerful 63 t lifting capacity curve up to 29 m
  • Lifting speeds of up to 120 m/min
Project cargo handling

Project cargo

For precise handling of bulky and heavy project cargo:

  • 100 t lifting capacity up to a radius of 20 m
  • 80 t lifting capacity up to a radius of 24 m
Manuseio de cargas a granel

Bulk cargo

High-performance bulk handling on Handymax class vessels:

  • 40 t motor grab load curve in A8 classification up to a radius of 26 m
  • 34 t motor grab load curve in A8 classification up to a radius of 31 m

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Technical specifications

Dimensions and weight

Radius [mm]
- Minimum radius 11,000
- Maximum radius 46,000
Boom pivot point [mm] 16,800
Tower cab [mm] (eye level) 22,800
Weight [t] (approx.) 355


Chassis dimensions ESP.5
Chassis in travel mode [mm] 16,700 x 9,500
Propping base [mm] 13,000 x 13,000
Travel gear dimensions
Axles 6
Steered axles 6
Driven axles 2
Crab steering [°] 25
Vertical axle compensation [mm] ± 250

Working and traveling speeds

Hoisting/lowering [m/min] 0 – 120
Slewing [rpm] 0 – 1.6
Luffing, average [m/min] 65
Traveling [m/min] 0 – 80

Smart crane features for safety, ergonomics and performance

We offer many innovative smart crane features for our Konecranes Gottwald Mobile Harbor Cranes – from intelligent and digital solutions for general crane operation to helpful features for individual cargo types. These offer a high level of safety for staff, cargo and equipment. You also increase comfort for crane operators and service technicians in addition to improving availability and handling rates.

Let’s talk about how our ESP.5 cranes can improve your terminal

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