Retrofits to enable Predictive Maintenance


 Demag logo   Konecranes is the original service provider for both Konecranes and Demag equipment.


Add Remote Monitoring to take advantage of Predictive Maintenance 

Incorporating predictive maintenance elements as part of a CARE Preventive/Predictive Maintenance programme can further optimise your maintenance activities, reduce unplanned downtime and improve equipment safety, productivity and lifecycle value. 

The services required to implement predictive maintenance include TRUCONNECT Remote Monitoring and TRUCONNECT Brake Monitoring. 

Remote monitoring is used to collect equipment condition and usage data which is aggregated with the inspection and maintenance data enabling a comprehensive view and analysis of equipment condition, maintenance and operation. Analysing and identifying anomalies, patterns and trends helps us make informed, component-specific predictions, and prioritise recommendations and actions. 


TRUCONNECT Remote Monitoring 

Collects condition, usage and operating data from control systems and sensors on an asset and provides alerts of certain anomalies. Remote Monitoring data is used in maintenance planning and in predicting possible component or equipment failure. 

The hardware required for Remote Monitoring can be retrofitted on existing cranes including Konecranes equipment, non-Konecranes brand hoists and Demag hoists and cranes equipped with SafeControl. 

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TRUCONNECT Brake Monitoring 

Uses a condition monitoring device to collect the status of brake air gap, mechanical and electrical faults from the electromagnetic disc brakes. The service provides visibility into current brake condition, estimates remaining service life and indicates brake faults. 

Brake Monitoring can be retrofitted on Konecranes equipment as well as non-Konecranes brand cranes with electromagnetic disc brakes.

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TRUCONNECT Wire Rope Monitoring

Provides real-time insight into the condition of a wire rope. It reveals both visible exterior defects as well as internal defects that are not detectable with a visual inspection. Specialised and patented sensors continuously monitor the wire rope while the crane is in normal operation and alerts via text or email occur when rope condition deteriorates below set limits.​

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