Safety comes first

Operating in explosive atmospheres means there are different needs for lifting equipment, ranging from standard products to highly advanced solutions. Because of this, we have designed our products to be optimised for your specific and often unique lifting requirements. All crane components are selected to improve the high level of safety required for the hazardous atmospheres in chemical and petrochemical plants, oil refineries, gas power plants, wastewater treatment plants, paint shops and other industrial sites.

Suwnice z elektrycznym wciągnikiem linowym

EX Electric Wire Rope Cranes

EXCXT overhead crane is ideal for everyday work. Sturdy steel structure, together with an EXCXT wire rope hoist, offers a new level of…
Suwnice z wciągnikiem łańcuchowym

EX Chain Hoist Cranes

The EXN chain hoist crane offers you reliability, ease of use and a high level of safety, with a lifting capacity of up to 5 tons.
Elektryczne wciągniki łańcuchowe

EX Electric Chain Hoists

EXN electric chain hoist is durable, designed with the high level of safety and reliability needed in explosive atmospheres. It is suitable…
Ręczne wciągniki i wózki

EX Manual Hoists and Trolleys

When lifting in hazardous environments where electricity is not available or is impractical to use, our EKM2 manual chain hoists and EKPT…
Certifications for hazardous environment

Multiple certifications prove the quality of our products

Quality is especially important in hazardous environments, where safety and efficiency are key. Multiple certifications substantiate the quality of our products: IECEx for the world, ATEX for Europe, CSA US for the United States and INMETRO for Brazil. For example, the ATEX directive gives strict rules for constant production and product quality follow-up. The certificate shows that Konecranes follows these regulations.


Service for EX proof equipment

Konecranes provides specialised maintenance services and spare parts for all types of EX proof products – all the way from a single piece of equipment to entire operations.