C-series Chain Hoist Cranes


Modern, durable, lightweight lifting

Introduce state-of-the-art lifting to your facility. Konecranes C-series electric chain hoist cranes are modern, durable, and dependable lifting machines, built with an outstanding chain hoist from a proven industry front-runner.

What makes C-series cranes stand out? The C-series electric chain hoist is highly ergonomic and offers a compact solution to lifting objects safely. High quality, reliable components and outstanding performance make it ideal for different industrial applications. C-series cranes are particularly suitable for manufacturing and assembly lines, where versatility, high quality, and dependable operations are essential. Across process industries and applications, they can also play a key role as maintenance cranes.


Konecranes C-series chain hoist cranes offer a wide range of options for your production needs.

  • Enhanced performance with high-quality core of lifting components, such as precision gears and motors
  • Self-adjusting brakes requiring little maintenance
  • Simple hoist suspension bracket design for easy installation
  • Reliable overload protection with slipping clutch
  • Durable limit switches for added safety
  • Ergonomic pendant and handy, lightweight hook
  • Superior girder design

Technical Specs

Load Range 250 kg – 5000 kg
HOL (meters) Hoists with 1 chain fall, 16 m Hoists with 2 chain falls, 10 m
Hoisting speeds (m/min) 4/1, 8/2, 12/3, 16/4
Ambient temperature range: -10 – +40C
Environment Indoor use
Hoists on the crane 1 hoist on crane
Crane type Top running single girder and under running cranes
Crane structure Profile and box girders (with sliding connection as an option)
Crane controls Stepless travelling movements
Hoist controls 2-speed or stepless hoisting movements
Hoist power supply Festoon and energy chain
Max span Profile girder 19 metres and box girder 22 metres
Voltages 380 – 415V/ 50Hz | 440V – 480V/ 60Hz | Control voltage 48V and 115V
Crane controller type Movable pendant, connected to festoon Optional radio controller

Apart from the standard features on Konecranes C-series cranes, you can choose from many different customisation options for your unique lifting needs.


Konecranes C-series cranes are known for combining usability, enhanced performance, and optimal lifetime value.

  • Equipped with the latest technology in electric chain hoists
  • Quiet and smooth operation for ultimate operator comfort
  • Smartly built with the toughness, precision, and reliability of components designed for over a million operations
  • Fast and simple installation, with easy access to all wearing components
  • Comprehensive, systematic, and world-class product maintenance
  • Recognized for high quality and trusted global customer service

Consult our Crane Advisor for C-series chain hoist cranes

Crane Advisor is an online tool that offers recommendations based on your specific lifting-application needs. Visit Crane Advisor to know more about C-series electric chain hoist cranes.

MAN Service Group operations

Customer Case - MAN

MAN Service Group is Europe's leading commercial vehicle, engine, and mechanical engineering companies. MAN Nederland Dealer’s truck repair shop set up a new facility and chose two Konecranes Chain Hoist Cranes:

We noticed that a single crane was not enough, so we decided to separate the maintenance functions and invest in two cranes.
Arjan Wijkamp, Plant Manager of MAN Nederland Dealer

Experience and expertise

Konecranes is committed to their role as the world’s top supplier of industrial cranes with the most extensive service network in the industry. Global yet local, they serve more than 600 service locations in nearly 50 countries. With experience, scale, and knowledge, they provide reliable, long-lasting lifting equipment to business and industry.


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