CARE Preventive/Predictive Maintenance programme

Preventive maintenance programme tailored to your operations

The CARE programme has been designed to improve your equipment safety and productivity with preventive maintenance inspections, compliance inspections where applicable, routine maintenance, and TRUCONNECT® Remote Monitoring

We tailor the CARE programme to your operations, taking into account the equipment, its usage, operating environment, duty class, service history, manufacturer's recommendations and statutory requirements. 

All inspections and maintenance work is performed by trained and qualified Konecranes inspectors employing our proprietary Risk and Recommendation Method

To support fast and reliable decision-making regarding maintenance, our inspection findings, together with prioritised risks and recommended actions, are reviewed with you on a regular basis and your service reports, maintenance information and TRUCONNECT data is available at any time on



Benefits of a CARE programme
  • Can reduce downtime and increase reliability 
  • Safety and production risks are documented and recommendations for corrective actions are provided 
  • Recommendations for improving the safety, productivity, application or useful life of the asset are provided 
  • Where permissible by regulation, can include frequent and periodic inspections to satisfy regulatory requirements and help you stay compliant 
  • Can contribute to maintenance planning and decision making with inspection and maintenance information available on, at any time on any device 
  • Operating data from TRUCONNECT Remote Monitoring provides insights into crane usage

Planned maintenance powered by experience and technology 

MAINMAN Planned Maintenance is the foundation for the CARE Programme. It is a maintenance service that provides you with a baseline for planning, tracking, reporting and maintenance consultations.  

It is unique in the overhead crane industry and is designed to provide an in-depth picture of the condition of your equipment as well as routine maintenance work, such as adjusting and lubricating, with the intent of satisfying manufacturers’ maintenance recommendations. This service includes a preventive maintenance inspection, visual checks, routine maintenance, and operational and functional testing of your lifting equipment. 


Making smart predictions to further optimise your maintenance activities 

Incorporating predictive maintenance elements – such as Oil Analysis or Gear Case Inspection – as part of a CARE programme can further optimise maintenance activities, reduce unplanned downtime and improve equipment safety, productivity and lifecycle value.


Four other service programmes to fit a variety of needs

While the CARE programme is our most popular, you may need something different. We offer four other service programmes that range from an inspection-based program to full scope outsourcing.

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A customer’s guide to Service Agreements

Check out this handy guide where we explain how we consult with you when servicing your equipment, how the Risk and Recommendation Method works, where you can find all your information on yourKONECRANES and more.