Automated Guided Vehicles

Automated efficiency 

We offer a wide range of Konecranes Gottwald terminal vehicles. These include unmanned, automated container transport vehicles, or Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs), which are used for rapid and economical container transport between the quayside and the container yard. Konecranes also supplies management and navigation software to operate the AGVs. Konecranes AGVs and Lift AGVs are now available with lithium-ion battery technology.

Main features:

  • Constructed as an AGV or Lift AGV with battery-electric or diesel-electric drive unit 
  • Payload 70 tons
  • Precise “according to plan” sequence via computer control system
  • Precise control using management and navigation software and transponders in the terminal road surface
  • Positioning to +/- 25 mm accuracy
  • Easy operation of entire fleets
  • Battery-electric drives for zero exhaust emissions in the terminal

Automated ease of operation

  • Fully automated, precise and rapid operation
  • Carries 20, 40 and 45-foot containers
  • Computer control system provides precisely timed sequences according to plan
  • Travel forwards, backwards and sideways
  • Fully automated preciselly and fully automated battery changing
  • Exact control and data recording (transport jobs) through management and navigation software and transponders embedded in the terminal road surface

Decoupling of transport and storage processes

  • Lift AGV for the decoupling of container transport and container storage processes
  • Containers are automatically placed or picked up in the stacking crane transfer zone
  • Helps optimize fleet size thanks to heightened capacity usage

Increased eco-efficiency

Lead-acid or lithium-ion battery-powered AGVs or Lift AGVs provide an alternative to diesel-electric drive units. They offer increased eco-efficiency with the following benefits:

  • Reduced maintenance costs through simplification of the drive train
  • Low energy consumption thanks to highly efficient battery-powered drive units
  • Elimination of pollutant emissions in the terminal, low noise emission
  • Long battery service life
  • Recyclability

Lead-acid batteries

  • Time-tested
  • Decoupling of battery loading and AGV traveling processes
  • Battery replacement takes place fully automatically in about five minutes in a special battery-exchange station
  • Help optimize use of mains power capacities thanks to smart charging management system

Lithium-ion batteries

Battery technology has developed rapidly, particularly in the last three years. As the technology leader for AGVs, Konecranes is exploiting this dynamic development. With the Li-ion batteries, we are now able to offer terminals operating AGVs a battery with the following benefits:

  • Even greater efficiency at lower deadweights
  • Can be recharged up to three times more than lead-acid batteries .
  • Charging is around four times faster
  • Possible to charge in the AGV using our automated quick charger

Operating software for AGV fleet operation

  • Developed in-house by Konecranes
  • Management and navigation system for the control and monitoring of AGV fleets
  • Integration in higher-level terminal management systems
Products System * Unladen weight ** [t] Drive technology
AGV passive 26 or 34 Battery-powered
Lift AGV active 31 or 39 Battery-powered

* Passive = AGV has to wait to be unloaded in the transfer zone to the container yard
Active = AGV can unload containers independently onto racks in the transfer zone in front of the container yard

** Weights for the drive variants Li-Ion and Lead-acid batteries

Crane Connectivity

A Breakthourgh in Wireless Remote and Automated Operations.

We're offering you the results of our recent proof-of-concept study, in which we partner with Fluidmesh to create a low latency and high throughput wireless network: a 100% wireless port connectivity solution. Log In or Sign Up to Konecranes ZONE to access this and many other valuable Whitepapers. 


AGV Lithium Ion

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